Number one Apex Legends Mobile player is hacking & advertising cheats

Number one Apex Legends Mobile player is hacking & advertising cheats

Printed: 2023-01-04T13:42:11

Up to date: 2023-01-04T13:42:28

The number 1 Apex Legends Cellular participant in Predator has been stuck the use of cheats and is even promoting hacks of their identify.

Identical to Apex Legends on PC and console, Apex Cellular suffers from an enormous quantity of cheaters who use third-party device to realize an unfair benefit over their foes.

Those hacks in most cases come within the type of aimbots, enhanced motion, and even the power to peer each and every enemy at the map.

Neatly, the hacking downside has were given so critical on Cellular that the #1 participant is overtly promoting cheats of their identify and straight away wiping out gamers at first of ranked suits.

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Apex Legends Cellular gamers are satisfied the sport’s anti-cheat isn’t running.

Primary Apex Legends Cellular Predator is overtly dishonest

Taking to Twitter on January 1, Apex Cellular YouTuber icyiosYT showcased a clip of them and their complete squad being straight away burnt up by means of a cheater at first of a fit.

The hacker controlled to kill all 3 gamers prior to they hit the bottom and after additional inspection, icy learned that the hacker is in fact the #1 ranked participant on Apex Cellular.

With 21,507 RP in Predator, it’s transparent this cheater has been abusing third-party device for a very long time whilst dodging any punishment.

No longer handiest that, the participant is opening promoting a dishonest website online of their identify, however continues to be conserving the highest spot at the ladder.

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A large number of the group are satisfied that “this proves there’s 0 anti-cheat” and that there’s “there’s no exact banning machine” to hit upon third-party device.

If the highest spots at the Ranked leaderboard are being taken by means of cheaters, it disincentives gamers to climb as there’s no aggressive integrity or explanation why to succeed in Predator.

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